Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems use photovoltaic technology to generate electricity which can then be used in your home or sold to the electricity supplier. This can then lead to a decrease in your electricity bill.
M.E.S Electrical and Solar can design and install a domestic solar PV system that suits you best.

The photovoltaic panels generate DC electricity when they receive solar irradiance. This DC electricity can then be converted to 50Hz AC for use in the home by a Solar PV inverter. This electricity can then either be used in the home or sold to the electricity supplier through the smart export tariff.

Despite being far from the equator, the UK still gets plenty of sunlight for PV panels to operate. An ideal 3.68kW system located in the Midlands could produce up to 3400kWh per year, which can be used to cut electric bills significantly. With a battery storage system attached, almost all of this generated electricity can be used in the home saving even more money.

PV systems normally fall under ‘Permitted development rights’ so planning permission for solar PV systems is usually not required for domestic environments. An exception to this may be if living in a conservation area or a listed building, but planning laws are more lenient where PV is concerned.

Solar PV is absolutely worth installing. Solar PV panels have a lifetime of at least 25 years so the benefits from installing will be felt for years to come. It can also add value to your home.

As long as there is somewhere to put the PV panels, chances are a good PV solution is available. This could be on the roof of your house or the roof of your business. It could also be on a flat roof or flat ground if this is what is available. Solar PV works best on a south facing roof but that’s not to say that it wouldn’t work otherwise. Shading can be an issue in some situations but there are many options to reduce its effect. Our team can design a solution that works for you.

The IWA will provide a 5 year insurance backed parts and labour warranty for the system. The inverters we use usually carry a 10 year warranty and the panels we use carry 25 year warranties, including guarantees that they will work at a good performance.


We can design a system that meets your needs and electricity usage trends, saving you money.