A modern commercial environment provides an excellent opportunity for a Solar PV system. With premises typically larger than a home, roof space is usually large enough to accommodate significantly larger systems.
Coupled with the high electricity usage of most businesses, there is a lot of possibility to lower electricity bills by a remarkable amount. It can also improve your EPC grade and will lower your carbon footprint.

Solar PV makes good sense for almost all commercial environments. As the system increases in size, the generation to cost ratio for the system decreases, meaning that with large amounts of available space it makes a lot of sense to install a large generation system. It is also a great way to show your customers that you are environmentally conscious which can help company image.

Solar PV panels generate DC electricity which is then fed through an inverter to become AC. A range of inverters exist for both single phase and three phase output. This allows us to design a system which suits your needs exactly.

Commercial Solar Grants

Some councils offer a grant towards green improvements which can go towards the cost of the total system. Up to 50% of the costs of your system can be claimed from grants, which could lower payback time to only a few years. Please get in touch with us to see if you are eligible for this in your local council area.

Other Commercial Energy Saving Options

We have a good amount of experience designing and installing heating and lighting systems. Installing LED energy saving lighting is a cheap way to lower your energy bills and changing your central heating systems to either infrared heating or air conditioning can save significant amounts of money on your heating bill. As NAPIT full scope accredited electricians we can also perform any upgrades you need internally for low and medium voltage applications.


A big thank you to Craig and the team who did an excellent job, they were punctual, polite and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend M.E.S and will definitely use them again.

Lynda Thompson, Leamington

We contacted Craig as he was a local installer and being new to the world of harvesting sustainable energy we needed a lot of reassurance… The quote was competitive and we went ahead. READ MORE

10 out of 10 for Craig and his team. Excellent from start to finish.
D.A Jenkins
They were Professional from the consultation. The price was the most competitive of the 3 quotes and the job was spot on. They were fair and I felt comfortable with there selling techniques. I would recommend there services to friends and family.
Mrs K Thomas
Craig has done several jobs for me over the years and they are always to a high standard with very transparent pricing. I have recommended MES to several other people who were also very happy with the services provided.
Mr G Peyton
With regards to Solar Edge, the product proves the adage “you get what you pay for”. It’s a brilliant system and well worth the extra. It is still relatively early days but it has been totally robust and I enjoy being able to see what the panel array is doing at any point in time. READ MORE
Tony Harrison


We can design a system that meets your needs and electricity usage trends, saving you money.